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Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Duration: 4 hours approx

Delivery: PDF. Text based

RPWA Certificate: Yes

Finally - A Virtual Bible For
The Aspiring Writer & Author.

A Course Specifically Designed
To Make Your Dream A Reality!

Rob Parnell - the World's Foremost Writing Guru - pulls out all
the stops, exposes the facts and gives guidance like no other
in a definitive writing course that will take you from 

inspiration to publication and beyond!

A sincere message from Rob Parnell

Dear Fellow Writer,

It's been a long time since I put together a new dedicated writing course - about a year, truth be told.

During that time I've been hectic - busy with lots of artistic projects, filling my time with fun, compelling and meaningful creative activities. You may be aware of some of them!

I've been writing and publishing more courses, self-help resources, music albums for iTunes, and novels; compiling a book of short stories (now on Amazon in paperback), even making a web series for writers and, in between all that, writing, directing and producing a movie thriller, now syndicated through Vimeo and Amazon VOD.

This last year has been a wild time and I'm grateful for a world - and a lifestyle - that has blessed me with these opportunities for growth and satisfaction.

But as you know, my (actually your) Academy website has been my primary focus.

And... I've been listening hard to Writing Academy students and compiling a list of things that you have asked me to explore and offer guidance on, should I ever get around to writing another masterclass.

Well, that time has arrived.

The result being that I've now created this brand new course JUST FOR YOU!

Writers Need a Bible

For a long time now, I've wondered what aspiring professional writers might need.

I decided that some kind of virtual all encompassing Writing Bible would be ideal.

In this new course, that's what I believe I have created.

The transition from amateur writer to professional wordsmith is a road fraught with major considerations. I know myself that when I started out, there were many pertinent questions I could find no answers to.

Facts about what to expect, guidance on what to do, advice on how best to proceed - these were the issues I needed answers for - but they simply could not be found in any of the writing books I purchased (and, believe me, I bought a lot!)

Now, there are books on technique aplenty, books on genre and many of the more technical aspects of writing.

But what I would have loved when I started out on this magical road was a thoroughly practical guide to how to achieve success as a writer from an experienced expert who had reached a position I wanted to emulate.

Now, fifteen years later, I believe I have written just such a book for you, the aspiring professional, in the form of this latest course of instruction.

Why You Need Write From The Start

In Write From the Start I assume that, like me in the past, you're itching to make a living from your passion but you know there are a thousand considerations you need to deal with in the transition from wannabe to full time writer.

Not just practical issues but also personal and emotional ones too.

Issues like: "Do I write often enough to consider myself a writer?"

And: "Do I really have what it takes to succeed as a writer?"

And: "How do I improve my writing quickly?"

And: "What can I actually do - right now - to get me on the road to writing success?"

These are the kind of questions you won't find answered in other
writing books - for the simple reason that most writing books
are not written by authors with any tangible success.

How can you take the advice of an author unless they can prove they are right?

That's why, when you're looking for good, well tested writing advice, you should go to an expert - a mentor with credibility. One who is actually an author who sells countless books to the public and has made a sizable income doing so.

In a word, me!

Over the last decade my partner and I have sold over three and a half million books (both fiction and non fiction) and writing courses worldwide - online and offline. We're literally bestselling authors in a very real sense. So we must be doing something right.

And I must know a thing or two about writing!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to brag.

Far from it.

I'm simply trying to reassure you that Write From the Start is exactly what you need, right now, if you have any kind of desire to write and see your books in print and/or earn a good living from your writing.

Nobody is Born With a Back Catalog

It's easy to get intimidated these days.

Everywhere you look there are authors with ten or fifteen books to their name, all vying for the grail - a bestseller. Or least a book that will make retirement more comfortable!

Sometimes it seems like everyone got the bus when you were still finishing breakfast...

But the fact is it's never too late to start, no matter how little you have to show for your writing efforts.

Fourteen years ago, all I had to show for a lifetime of writing was a few (bad) screenplays, a dozen short stories (not too bad) and a half finished novel - and all of that was later lost in a computer crash!

At the time I couldn't have imagined the overwhelming amount I've written since.

What's In Write From The Start?

Here's a sampling of just some what you'll learn in this unique course:

* How to plan writing projects so that you'll finish them

* How to plan and construct your writing career

* How to prepare the people around you for your career change

* How to best organize your life for writing

* How to budget your money for your new life as a writer

* How to plan and track manuscript submissions

* How to self publish through Amazon for maximum profit

* How to create mobile apps for your work - for free

* How to create an author checklist for your books / writing projects

* How to create workable yet flexible templates

* How to distinguish theme from premise, ideas from workable concepts

* How to create weekly writing schedules that work

* How to allocate your energy efficiently during your writing time

* How to explore and research alternate writing income - quickly

* How to identify genuine and profitable markets

* How to use social marketing effectively - and how not to

* How to avoid bad writing gigs - and time wasters

* How to stay focused on your writing and life goals

* How to avoid distractions during your writing day

* How to remain positive and prolific during the lean times

* How to improve your writing - daily, weekly, all the time

* How to stay relevant and successful in an ever changing world

* How to market yourself and your work effectively - for free

* How to use tools like planning, scheduling and note software

* How to stay inspired - and keep coming up with great ideas

* How to prioritize your time and activities for maximum income

* All this and much more

Throughout the course there will be specific examples of how to go about being prolific and focused, positive and in total control of your writing career - if that's what you want.

But if you just want to improve your productivity and the quality of your writing hobby, you'll also find a wealth of useful information in this course.

The course begins now - and continues for four weeks, during which time you'll receive five modules that build into your own personal Writer's Bible.

Here's what is contained in the course:

Module One: Preparing for a Writer's Life

Module Two: Your Strategy for Success

Module Three: Structuring Your Writing & Time Management

Module Four: Establishing Your Writing Routine & Rhythm

Module Five: Submissions, Publishing, Promotion & Marketing

As I say, this is a modern day Writer's Bible - containing all the practical information that is crucial in today's digital marketplace. But not only that, as I also write and publish offline, there's plenty of advice on how that works - and what strategies to employ if you want offline success with traditional publishers too.

After all, nobody said you had to do one thing OR the other. Modern writers do it all!

Come - join me on a voyage of discovery.

And change your life in the process.

Need a little more incentive?

Here are some fabulous books that you'll also receive immediately on sign up:


The Secret Pillars of Writing by Jeffrey A Friedberg

Ever wish that you could write like your favorite authors? What if you could - almost like magic? Bypass know-nothing classes, clueless meetings, and long sessions of reading countless books on writing. Why let yourself be led by "authors" who really do not know the modern secrets of blockbuster book and screenplay writing? A crash course in legitimate secrets of writing by a published author with Five-Star acclamations for flair, originality, "roller-coaster" action scenes, and more.

Publish Your Expertise on Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad for Free by Jerry Holliday

This Guide shows you step by step how to prepare and publish your books, guides and other content onto the Amazon Kindle Direct. It also details a free platform that gets your content onto the Apple iBook store, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo & the Diesel eBook Store!

147 Killer Epublishing Strategies by Amit Sehgal

Discover how to write, publish, market, and sell your own e-Book for huge profits!

The Secrets of Successful Writers - Edited by Darrell Pitt.

Writers speak about how to write, publish and promote your book in the age of digital publishing. Contains interviews with John Locke, Gordon Ferris, Stephen Carpenter, Dakota Banks, Linda Wisdom, Matthew Reilly, Loucinda McGary, David Lender, JR Rain, Jack Dann, Dale Brown, Stephanie McAfee, Andy Briggs, Kat Martin and many, many more.

Write From the Start
 from Rob Parnell

(Now includes "Write to the Top" bonus course.)

Click on the link to get instant access to the bonus materials and Lesson One of the course. The resources are provided in convenient PDF files that will open on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Go for it!

What have you got to lose?

There's so much to gain: a new life as a writer, fame, riches, satisfaction...

And talking of that, you can always get a refund of the full price - and keep all the bonuses - for up to 60 days after your purchase. Plenty of time to work out if this course was ideal for you!

Please, join me!

Keep Writing

Rob Parnell
The Writing Academy

PS. By the way, this offer is only available at this early bird price today.

PPS. I can pretty much guarantee that the next time you're blocked or you're wishing your career was moving faster, you'll wish you'd gotten hold of the information in this course.

So be kind to yourself and find out - the easy way - how to overcome many writing issues and move your writing career into the fast lane.

PPPS. Final thought: don't spend 17 years (as I did) discovering all you need to know. Get the info you need - right now!

Write From the Start from Rob Parnell

Your Personal Instructor

Rob Parnell

Rob Parnell has been teaching online since 2002, specifically helping writers earn money from their passion. He is the proud founder of The Writing Academy, an online school dedicated to student success and authorial excellence.Rob has published over thirty number-one best-selling books on genre fiction authorship, freelance writing, motivation, productivity; getting rich, staying thin and healthy. When it comes to making a living from writing, composing music, and creating film projects, Rob is a man who knows what he's talking about! You'll enjoy his down-to-earth style and the feeling Rob somehow knows you like a friend! Rob has been writing since he was five years old. He writes every day without fail - it's a compulsion. His preferred genre is the thriller - sometimes with a supernatural edge - in which he writes short stories, novels, screenplays, and adult thrillers - including his Purge detective novels and the popular Sherlock Holmes: Zombie Slayer series. Also a musician and composer, an accomplished singer, media producer and budding movie maker, Rob is ecstatically happy to be married to Robyn Opie Parnell, his savior, and the popular best-selling children's author.They live miles from anywhere in their beautiful country farmhouse, its eleven acres tucked within inches of the stunning Flinders Ranges, with their beloved pets, Wally the dog and the cats: Jessie, and Iggy (because he's The Wild One.)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Write From The Start Course

    • The Forum

    • Module One

    • Module Two

    • Module Three

    • Module Four

    • Module Five

  • 2

    Bonus Items

    • 147 Killer Epublishing Strategies by Amit Sehgal

    • Publish Your Expertise on Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad for Free by Jerry Holliday

    • The Secret Pillars of Writing by Jeffrey A Friedberg

    • The Secrets of Successful Writers - Edited by Darrell Pitt


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5 star rating

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Linda Runnebaum

I really enjoyed this class and got a lot out of it. Thank you so much! I did all of the exercises and will definitely look back on my notes as I go about my...

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I really enjoyed this class and got a lot out of it. Thank you so much! I did all of the exercises and will definitely look back on my notes as I go about my future work weeks.

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