Now You Can Write Picture Books!

Learn from the professional author of over 90 kid's books

"Have you ever thought about Children’s Picture Books?

"That is, writing for three to eight years olds?

"Most of us have. Seems straightforward, right?"

Write a short - actually very short - story. Get someone to add some nice pictures and BAM, all done.

Well, that’s sort of right but, did you know that when you write and submit picture book manuscripts to publishers, you actually DON’T send in the illustrations as well?

No - the publisher sorts out the visual side of your book.

All you have to do is submit a story they think is WORTH illustrating.

And - as with all children’s writing, the process is not quite as simple as it sounds. There are special tricks and tactics that only the professionals know.

Many newbies mistakenly try to do it the HARD WAY. They want to spend money on artists to illustrate their books - even when that is often very EXPENSIVE and completely UNNECESSARY!

The stories that get published are usually just two or three page submissions that sparkle with ingenuity, humor, and integrity.

Plus, things like subject matter, characterization and point of view are formalized and consistent throughout.

Take this course on the correct procedure for writing and submitting children’s picture books and benefit from the author’s experience and expertise. Robyn Opie Parnell has had dozens of children’s picture books published. You may already have seen her work in libraries and bookstores. She’s been a renowned published children's author for over TWENTY YEARS! Every year she receives delightful letters from the many children all over the world who love her stories and picture books.

In this unique course, you’ll learn:

* How to properly present and format a submission
* How to correctly choose appropriate characters
* How to come up with original story ideas
* How to inject humor and that “little something extra”
* How to plot for pictures
* Discover age appropriate language and style
* Learn the different types of picture books publishers want
* Hear from professional picture book authors
* Be in the know of the genre and the industry
* Discover the REAL reasons publishers reject books
* And so much more…

Extras include interviews with professional authors and a fifty page market listing of publishers crying out for new picture book manuscripts, from stories about animals, folklore, bible stories and more modern tales from ethnic, race-related, niche, and other “issue-focused” authors.

There’s never been a better time to write picture books for children.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Why You Should Take This Course

    • About The Author

  • 2

    Writing Picture Books

    • Types of Picture Book

    • Characters

    • Ideas and Where to Find Them

    • Plotting Your Story

    • Starting Your Picture Book

    • The Language You Use

    • Illustrations

    • Layout of a Picture Book Submission

  • 3


    • Quick Tips

    • Questions To Ask During Editing

    • Reasons For Rejections

    • Interviews With Authors

    • Current Markets for Picture Books