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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction from Rob Parnell

  • 2

    The Easy Way To Get Rich

    • Follow Your Heart

    • Observe The Game

    • Clear The Decks

    • Use Your Talent

    • Strive For Perfection

    • Order Your Life

    • Negate Self-Doubt

    • Contain Your Vision

    • Rebel Against The System

    • Examine Your Motives

    • Actualize Your Self

    • Try New Tactics

    • Invent Your Destiny

    • Nurture Yourself

    • Grow Your Own

    • Write It Down

    • Energize Your Dream

    • Activate Your Motivation

    • Lead In Your Field

    • Trust Your Instincts

    • Help Other People

  • 3


    • Conclusion

    • Afterword