Scene Construction - The Masterclass

How to write compelling scenes for novels, short stories and screenplays

"Imagine you’re the driver of a train and your reader is a passenger. The tracks represent your plot and the scenery becomes the events you want your reader to experience."

As part of my research for this new course, I’ve recently studied around fifty stories by today’s top authors. 

Many of them were great, some were not. 

I took particular note of how the best authors deal with scene construction. And how scene construction effects and controls the final story, and more especially how good scene construction effects and controls the reader.

The best writers make the reader feel he or she is riding alongside the author, right up front in the cab.

More than that, they make the reader feel like the protagonist of the story - the character who is not only traveling but somehow navigating the story too!

In this uniquely insightful course I will explain how to create scenes that compel a reader to stick with you, the author, throughout the length of a story.

By the end of this course you will have a complete understanding of how fictional scenes are invented, structured, and polished. 

Plus, you’ll be able to immediately spot the ones that work well in other people’s books,

Best of all, you will be perfectly equipped to create your own effective fictional scenes.

Included in this brand new course:
  • Discover the best mindset for effective scene construction

  • The difference between pantsing and planning

  • The perfect plan for a story

  • The art of scene construction

  • How to trade off expectation with technique

  • The concept of emotional beats

  • How to ensnare your reader

  • Explanations of scene function

  • How to "move" your stories along

  • How reading literally changes people's minds

  • The value of "questions"

  • How to appeal to the reader's subconcious

  • What is the ideal scene structure (template)

  • The concept of "The Drop" and how it causes "Propulsion" 

  • The function of various scenes - twist, end, glide etc.

  • How to begin a difficult scene

  • Using emotional triggers

  • Crucial exercises for improvement

  • The five W's

  • The five best openings

  • The five best endings



Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Scene Construction

    • Welcome!

  • 2

    The Course

    • introduction to the Course

    • What is a Story?

    • What is a Scene?

    • Reading and The Mind

    • Rob's Ideal Scene Template

    • Types of Scenes

    • Where To Begin

    • The Five W's

    • Exercises

    • Scene Openings

    • Scene Endings