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"How to Gain a Legion of Fans & Followers To Make Your Books Guaranteed Number One Bestsellers!"

A Message from Rob Parnell, proud owner of The Writing Academy

I ran a survey and, of all the subjects my students were presented with, this was the course they most wanted to see. 

     * How to achieve success as an author.

     * How to get fans and followers, 

     * How to sell truckloads of your books, 

     * How to make a living from writing and, most of all, 

     * How to hit the top of the bestseller charts - EVERY TIME!

This BIG course has it all - every secret tactic and strategy modern independent authors use and rely on to give their day jobs the heave-ho - a feat that 95% of authors with traditional publishing deals simply can't manage!

The stats don't lie: Independent self-published online authors are the fastest growing group of new millionaires!

But how is it done? How can you achieve that kind of success?

Simple actually - just do as you're told!

Yes, if you carefully and exactly follow my advice to the letter, you WILL achieve the results you want.

Easily attract a legion of fans to propel your next book release to the number one spot. 

Best part? I know my "Bestseller Creation System" works because I've done it myself - 31 times!

***** Over TWELVE video and text-based lessons, three EXTRA video supplementals, and a heap of unique SPECIAL BONUS items, specially crafted for this awe-inspiring course by the world's foremost writing guru himself, Rob Parnell, here's what you will learn:

Lesson 1: Introduction - Here we launch into the modern dilemma: how do we get fans when we don't want to be in the limelight? Turns out the Internet is perfect in this regard. You can be famous - and private - at the same time when you're a successful online author! 

Lesson 2: Gaining Fans and Followers - Discover how to easily and freely attract the very people who will turn you into a bestselling author! This is fact. Not theory. This is how it's done these days - and you're going to be in the know as soon as you get this course!

Lesson 3: Starting a Blog - How to make yourself and your writing familiar to the people out there even before you've finished writing your book, Honestly, this is the best time to start picking up potential book buyers. And putting out regular blogs is still the best way to engage with an author's audience and pick up a dedicated following over time. This important lesson explains how it's done best.

Supplemental: Do You Need an Author Website? Probably one of the questions I am asked most because authors are worried at the cost. Well, I have a NO COST solution you're going to love - and you'll enjoy my reasoning for it too!

Lesson 4: Your Mailing List - Here I explain how and why your mailing list is your absolute most valuable asset - and how you go about setting one up so that it works 24/7 without you having to do anything! Ah, the wonders of technology!

Lesson 5: Using Facebook Ads - My "Bestseller Creation System" works perfectly well if you spend nothing. But if you're in a hurry and you want to see results more quickly - say in a just a few weeks - you may want to invest in some Facebook ads. In this lesson, we discuss the pros and cons and then I show you how to use FB ads cheaply and for short periods, so you get the best bang for your buck.

Lesson 6: Your Email Sequence - This is all very secret stuff that normally an online marketer would never show you. But here, I present to you the perfect email sequence to maximize your subscriber engagement and make sure they are primed to purchase your book on the day of its release!

Lesson 7: Using Amazon - The independent author's secret weapon is the ability to self-publish with the Net's largest retailer with no cost and THEN earn 70% royalties on every sale. Once you "get" how easy and obvious this author choice is. your future success is assured. 

Lesson 8: Self-Publishing - Discover the many advantages you have - when self-publishing - over every traditional author, and how retaining your own rights can catapult your career and your royalty earnings to the stars. Also, find out why you will never need a literary agent - and why you should never even consider signing to one! 

Supplemental: How To Always Get Your Books To #1 - This is the BIG ONE. This is how I personally achieve NUMBER ONE BESTSELLERS consistently. I show you exactly what I do - so you can do it too! Honestly, this insanely simple strategy WILL work for YOU!

Lesson 9: Other Writing Income - Many writers and authors ask me how they might make money when they don't have a book to sell. Well, there are actually many ways to earn good money from online writing - and I will happily reveal them to you in this valuable lesson.

Lesson 10: Using Social Media - There's a right way and a wrong way to post messages and pictures online. Just like there's a difference being an amateur and being a professional. In this lesson, I explain how to engage without annoying, and how to pick up subscribers using best practices.

Lesson 11: Crucial Advice for Online Authors - I want you to succeed. You may have noticed that's my motto. Well, I mean it. And in the spirit of only preparing you for success I give you the benefit of two decades of experience. In this lesson, you get my best advice. No bull, no fluff, just the God's honest truth about how to become a bestselling author - and quickly.

Lesson 12: Your Press Kit - In more traditional publishing circles, it is often recommended you compile an author press kit. In this lesson, I explain what that kit should contain, how it should be formatted and compiled, and where it should be located online. This information has been directly gleaned from respected offline publishers who know what they're talking about!

Conclusion - The final lesson acts as an important recap on all you will learn in the course so you that can easily apply the information you've acquired. There's also exclusive special access granted to three more courses to help you on your journey to online author success. Plus I give you some final very personal advice to ensure you're in the right place to start.

All this and...


Marketing for Online Authors by Rob Parnell. 

The complete 60-page TEXT version of the entire course for you to download and read at your leisure and convenience.

* A Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing- compiled by Rob Parnell

See this detailed overview of how to interact with your subscribers for maximum effect - making your fans feel they're inviting you into their home. 

* Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post - compiled by Rob Parnell

Does what it says on the tin, with copious examples. Learn how to get the most positive engagement from Facebook.

* A Beginner's Guide to Online Article Writing - compiled by Rob Parnell

A step by step guide to writing compelling articles and website content - based on research, and all the facts and figures about the reality of how Internet people interact with writing. You'll be amazed! 

* A Beginner's Guide to Writing Copy That Sells - compiled by Rob Parnell

Writing good copy is an essential skill for modern authors. I present whole courses on the subject. Here is an introduction to this fascinating and lucrative discipline. You're gonna need it.  And it's here for you FREE when you enroll in this course right now!

All this will be yours - simply click on the purchase link above - before the deadline expires!

Your Personal Instructor

Rob Parnell

Rob Parnell has been teaching online since 2002, specifically helping writers earn money from their passion. He is the proud founder of The Writing Academy, an online school dedicated to student success and authorial excellence.Rob has published over thirty number-one best-selling books on genre fiction authorship, freelance writing, motivation, productivity; getting rich, staying thin and healthy. When it comes to making a living from writing, composing music, and creating film projects, Rob is a man who knows what he's talking about! You'll enjoy his down-to-earth style and the feeling Rob somehow knows you like a friend! Rob has been writing since he was five years old. He writes every day without fail - it's a compulsion. His preferred genre is the thriller - sometimes with a supernatural edge - in which he writes short stories, novels, screenplays, and adult thrillers - including his Purge detective novels and the popular Sherlock Holmes: Zombie Slayer series. Also a musician and composer, an accomplished singer, media producer and budding movie maker, Rob is ecstatically happy to be married to Robyn Opie Parnell, his savior, and the popular best-selling children's author.They live miles from anywhere in their beautiful country farmhouse, its eleven acres tucked within inches of the stunning Flinders Ranges, with their beloved pets, Wally the dog and the cats: Jessie, and Iggy (because he's The Wild One.)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Marketing for Online Authors

    • Read Me First

    • Lesson 1 - Introduction

    • Lesson 2 - Gaining Fans

    • Lesson 3 - Blogging

    • Supplemental - Do You Need an Author Website?

    • Lesson 4 - Building Your Mailing List

    • Lesson 5 - Using Facebook Ads

    • Lesson 6 - Your First Email Sequence

    • Lesson 7 - Using Amazon

    • Lesson 8 - Self-Publishing

    • Lesson 9 - Other Writing Income

    • Supplemental - How To Always Get Your Books To #1

    • Lesson 10 - Maximising Social Media

    • Lesson 11 - More Useful Tips

    • Lesson 12 - Creating Your Press Kit

    • Course Conclusion

  • 2

    Bonus Items

    • Marketing for Online Authors - Text Version

    • Beginners Guide to Marketing

    • Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post

    • Beginner's Guide to Article Writing

    • Beginner's Guide to Writing Copy That Sells

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5 star rating

Tried and Tested

stephane savoye

A good course as it is tried and tested and then delivered. We always feel safe with Mister Parnell

A good course as it is tried and tested and then delivered. We always feel safe with Mister Parnell

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5 star rating


Susan Shirley

This course has really inspired to get my ****in gear, thank you Rob. I've been dawdling for some time, that is changing now.

This course has really inspired to get my ****in gear, thank you Rob. I've been dawdling for some time, that is changing now.

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5 star rating

Marketing, yes that part.

Bill Bowling

The only reason I abhor the marketing part is that I don't know a damn thing about it. This course helped to bring me through a large swath of the fog. It wa...

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The only reason I abhor the marketing part is that I don't know a damn thing about it. This course helped to bring me through a large swath of the fog. It was well worth the money and time spent. It gets a solid five stars from me. Hey, Rob: Let's "Keep Writing".

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5 star rating

Simply the best!

Robina Murphy

I've been a professional author for 20 years and Rob's advice, as always, is right on the money.

I've been a professional author for 20 years and Rob's advice, as always, is right on the money.

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