How To Get Published

The Course You've Been Asking Me For!

"The many publishing options open to a new author can be confusing and overwhelming..."

"Until now."

Not to put the "frighteners" on you but I truly believe you must take this, my latest course, BEFORE you venture into publishing.

There are numerous pitfalls associated with the many TYPES of publishing options open to you.

Quite simply, there are many sharks out there who will take advantage of you. I know. I have received many emails from authors who have been burned, fleeced and flagellated by some of the rip-off artists out there. Don't let this happen to you!

Discover the best, the free and the least cost ways you can publish your work, your novel or your nonfiction book.

I have twenty years experience to share with you and I'm eager to help you make the right decisions!

Come - join me - before this introductory price runs out!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction To Publishing

    • Introduction

    • The Bit About Me

  • 2


    • Author Mindset

  • 3

    Types of Publishing

    • Traditional Publishing

    • Vanity Publishing

    • Guru Publishing

    • Other Options

    • A Quick Word on Copyright

    • Self Publishing On Amazon

  • 4

    Publishing on KDP

    • Create an Amazon KDP Account

    • Your New Book

    • Your Book Description

    • Keywords

    • Amazon Categories

    • Uploading Your Manuscript

    • Your Cover

    • Price

  • 5


    • Conclusion

  • 6

    Bonus Items

    • List of Professional Editors, compiled by Joanna Penn

    • Successful Self Publishing by Joanna Penn