Point of View in Fiction

How to Recognize, Utilize, and Master Narrator Perspectives | taught by Rob Parnell

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"Master Point of View in Fiction Like A Pro - Within Hours - with Rob Parnell's New Writing Masterclass."


Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Duration: 4 hours approx

Delivery: Video, Text, PDF

RPWA Certificate: Yes

Dear Fellow Writer,

When you make the decision to write for the marketplace, you often have a lot to learn in a short space of time.

It used to be that you could write and learn over the course of several years before you might eventually get published under the careful tutelage and guidance of a good editor.

Today, we can publish ourselves and be in the spotlight quickly - which means we have to know how to get things right the first time.

Many new writers struggle with the concept of "point of view" and how best to use it in the context of effective fiction writing.

No more.

Here we have a fast and furiously good resource that will teach you all you need to know about point of view in fiction - within just an easy and fun couple of hours.

Here's what you'll discover:

* The five main point of view perspectives and how to use them properly.

* Advice and guidance on how NOT to look like an amateur.

* What JK Rowling can teach you about writing

* How to use different narrative styles to change text, pacing, and reader interest in your stories.

* How to ensure your readers don't stop reading!

* How to make your stories effective and compelling.

* And much more!

Get the course right now at the special discount price below, before the price returns to its undiscounted rate.

Join the class. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Rob Parnell
Your Success is my Concern

PS: Also get this free BONUS ITEM

Access to an online Point of View video game, specially created to help you understand point of view AND zap some aliens. Who could say no to that?

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Rob Parnell
Rob Parnell
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Rob Parnell has been teaching online since 2002, specifically helping writers earn money from their passion. He is the proud founder of The Writing Academy, an online school dedicated to student success and authorial excellence.

Rob has published over thirty number-one best-selling books on genre fiction authorship, freelance writing, motivation, productivity; getting rich, staying thin and healthy. When it comes to making a living from writing, composing music, and creating film projects, Rob is a man who knows what he's talking about! You'll enjoy his down-to-earth style and the feeling Rob somehow knows you like a friend!

Rob has been writing since he was five years old. He writes every day without fail - it's a compulsion - and he still hasn't run out of things to say... His preferred genre is the thriller - sometimes with a supernatural edge - in which he writes short stories, novels, screenplays, and adult thrillers - including his Purge detective novels and the popular Sherlock Holmes: Zombie Slayer series. Also a musician and composer, an accomplished singer, media producer and budding movie maker, Rob is ecstatically happy to be married to Robyn Opie Parnell, his savior, and the popular best-selling children's author.

They live miles from anywhere in their beautiful country farmhouse, its eleven acres tucked within inches of the stunning Flinders Ranges, with their beloved pets, Wally the dog and the cats: Jessie, Iggy (because he's The Wild One) and their latest, Lucky.

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